Timeline of "Valkyrie" Artwork
Dating of figures from Duczko (2004), Holmqvist (1960), Hupfauf (2006) and, Wincott Heckett (2003)
8th c. 8-9th c. 9th c. 9th-10th c. 10th c. and later
Bronze belt fitting from Solberga showing a giantess wearing a shawl. Female figures from Guldgubber foils from Sloeinge, Halland. Female figure from a Gotlandic picture stone. Silver-gilt pendant from Tuna, Uppland. Fragment of pendant from Hjorthammar, Blekinge. Figure from the Oseberg tapestry. Figure from silver earspoon in Birka grave Bj. 507. Silver pendant from Sibble, Södermanland. Figure from the Rolvsøy tapestry, Norway. Silver figure from Gnezdovo hoard, Russia. Silver figure from Aska. Silver pendant from Klinta. Silver figure from Birka grave Bj 968. Silver figure from Birka grave Bj 825.
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